Are You Suffering With Lower Back Pain & Looking For
A Permanent Solution?

We Have A Natural And Simple Method
To Get You Back To Your Pain-Free Life!

Find out how you can be in control of your own healing

Are You Suffering With Lower Back Pain & Looking For
A Permanent Solution?

We Have A Natural And Simple Method
To Get You Back To Your Pain-Free Life!

Find out how you can be in control of your own healing

Are you waking up every morning in pain?

Are you living on pain-killers, which "hides" the pain for hours, maybe a day at a time?

Have you been going for regular therapy visits with no end in sight?

Are you losing business and personal freedom, because of lower back pain?

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A Neuroscience based discovery
Heal yourself

Isn’t It Time...

To be pain-free again?
To feel young and strong again?
To be in control of your body, your health?

If you are looking for...

A drug-free future,
A permanent solution,
The freedom to do what you want without worrying about your lower back?

If you would like to understand the true source of your pain,

You're one phone call away. Schedule below a complimentary consultation with Dr. Light. He will ask you a few questions to make sure he can help . He will then share more about his method and how it can help you return to a pain-free life.

Dr. Light dove into neuroscunce research knowing how powerful the MIND really is.

Our mind is at the helm, as it keeps our body in constant balance.
This amazing organ repairs and is able to HEAL as well.
The mind-body connection has an "inner healing mechanism" which monitors and regulates our health and well being.

This mechanism is how Dr. Light first discovered the "true source" of lower back pain.
Once he discovered the source, the solution became simple.

My Personal Story

After living for months with lower back pain, diagnosed with 3 herniated discs, I got back to a pain-free life in just a few weeks and back on the tennis court, enjoying life

Hi, my name is  Dr.Light. I know the pain you’re going through. I was once there.
Exactly where you are right now... maybe worse. 

I was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs by two New York leading orthopedic surgeons. They told me surgery was my only option.

When I made my discovery, within weeks I was once again pain-free, I decided that I need to teach this simple method to anyone and everyone I come across, living with lower back pain.

Over the next few years, I opened centers across New York and helped many people overcome their back pain.

I would like to help you as well!

My Mission

For years I tested a neuroscience-backed discovery I made, that showed how lower back pain is really a lot simpler problem than what most people think.

I  first discovered the “true source” of chronic lower back pain.

I then discovered the body’s "inner-healing-mechanism", specifically for “muscle repair”. 

Once you have the understanding, you have the ability to heal yourself. When you're inline with your body’s natural abilities, outside help is no longer needed.

I did not accept "living with" the diagnosis that was "handed" to me. As a result, I found my method and was back playing tennis and enjoying life.

He Would Like To Help You

Dr Light  had centers across New York and has been teaching his method for years.
He has also trained doctors in New York in his method.

Now he would like to share with you his non-medical, non-invasive, self-healing solution.

Once you understand how your healing mechanism works, the solution is simple

I know how time consuming it is to go to doctors. I am offering you a complimentary phone consultation so I can share with you more specific information about your lower back pain. This way you can make an informative decision and hopefully get back to your pain-free, active lifestyle.

Ask yourself...

How many 10's or maybe 100's of thousands of dollars is your back pain costing you and your business?

How long have you been suffering and how long would you like to continue looking outside for help, before trying something that allows you finally to heal yourself?

How much is the quality of your daily life suffering because of your back pain?

This is an investment - If you treat your life like you treat your house and your car, I have the permanent solution for your pain

If your health insurance is dictating your treatment but you’re the one still LIVING WITH PAIN, maybe it’s time for a new path.

Your mind & Body is much more capable than outside source.

Find out just how powerful your mind is!

Look what one of my patients tells about me:

Hello, I'd like to refer a Doctor to you, whom I had an incredibly wonderful personal experience with.

He's shared with me and my children so much incredible information about the brain and changed our lives for the beter in such an amazing way.

His main focus is chronic back pain, but his same teachings help people releive anxiety and depression, as well.

He's been transforming his patients (children and adulits alike) back to an active lifestyle through a neuroscience and an inner healing discovery he made over 20 years ago.

He works with his clients on the phone/zoom or in person and his first session is complimentary.

If interested, I'd be happy to connect you to him.

Testimonial From A Referring New York Practitioner

From Dr. Ellen Coyne DC FACC:

I met Dr. Light In 1995. He came to my New York City chiropractic officeand introduced
me to his method for healing people suffering with chronic pain. 

 It sounded very logical. I had him start with a couple of patients and we've worked together ever since. His method was totally natural, and over the years, he has treated hundreds of my patients in several of my offices. Dr. Light is sincere and has the welfare of patients as a priority. 

 He is curious, intelligent, educated and motivated. 
We have a very productive professional relationship that benefits many. 

Dr. Ellen Coyne DC FACC

About Dr. Ellen Coyne

Ellen Coyne is highly regarded as a leading Chiropractor in the NYC area working with a wide range of conditions and patients. Her love of chiropractic and genuine concern for others drive her pursuit of excellence in her work as well as her service to the community.

After graduating from the New York Chiropractic College in 1984, Dr. Coyne has dedicated her 37-year career to helping restore her patients to their optimal health.